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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Jake Locker Shows Improved Accuracy During Pro-Day

With the Combine and the Postseason All-Star games far in the rear-view, Pro-Days are the only things left that can dramatically affect how our 2011 NFL Mock Drafts look. And the big boards of the individual teams I suppose, but it's too early to start worrying about that. Jake Locker, someone the Redskins have reportedly had their eye on for quite some time now, had his Pro-day yesterday. According to the Seattle Times, he looked very impressive.

Locker threw 40 passes, his receivers caught 38 of them, continuing Locker's trend of getting better during three months of predraft evaluations.

"I felt like I was able to improve on my combine performance and be a little more consistent and a little more fluid," Locker said. "I was very happy with what I did today."

Let's not forget that Locker could have been the first overall pick had he come out last year. He has slipped down draft boards a little bit this year because he didn't show very good accuracy in his senior campaign. but he has looked better in that regard during all of the post-season events.

I'm not sure the Redskins will want to take him at tenth overall, and I'm pretty sure the fan base would be upset if they did. But if he is still there in the second round (however unlikely), I'm sure he would get a long look from Shanny and the boys.