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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Will The Redskins Target Robert Quinn?

Just in case you weren't aware, SB Nation has a blog that is dedicated to everything NFL Draft, and it is called (quite ironically) Mocking The Draft. They've rounded up contributors from all of SB Nation's NFL team blogs to participate in a Community Mock Draft of the first two rounds that will go right up until the actual draft in April.

For the Redskins' pick, they went to Kevin Ewoldt at Hogs Haven, and he took Robert Quinn, the pass rushing defensive end out of North Carolina. Here is his rationale.

The Redskins only had one player who had more than 2.5 sacks in 2010 - Brian Orakpo. Robert Quinn would seem to be able to change that. He would look great as the pass rusher opposite Orakpo, and would significantly upgrade the 3-4 linebacking corps. If he had played at UNC in 2010, there is no way he would even be available here. We're still shocked he is.

Mocking The Draft contributor Dan Kadar reacts to the pick.

Character is not what should be questioned in Quinn. What should be is whether or not he'd be able to transition to playing linebacker. At North Carolina, Quinn was almost always used moving forward from the defensive end spot. He'll also go to a team being extremely rusty after sitting out the 2010 season.

Quinn is anything but a safe pick, and I think that is something that most Redskins fans would want the team to use their first round pick on this year. There have been enough "potential" guys to bust in Washington that a safe choice might be welcome.

But in terms of talent, Quinn has enough pass rushing ability to get to the quarterback on a regular basis, and should make a frightening bookend for Brian Orakpo. But like Kadar, my biggest concern is in his ability to play in space. If the Redskins are satisfied with his ability to do so, than I think that he would be good value here. But that is a big "if."