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O.J. Atogwe Will Have A Significant Impact On The Redskins Defense

Matt Bowen knows a thing or two about playing safety for the Washington Redskins. He played strong safety in D.C. from 2003-05. And he thinks that adding O.G. Atogwe will be a big boost for the Redskins, according to a story he wrote at National Football Post. He thinks that Atogwe will be a good scheme fit, and he will upgrade the secondary as a whole.

Start with LaRon Landry and work our way to the corners. I view Landry as one of the top five strong safeties in the game, but he can play too aggressive in space. Keep him near the line of scrimmage and use him creatively as an edge blitzer, plus in his zone drops. You can do that with a legit free safety in the middle of the field. From the perspective of the Redskins’ CBs, this allows Haslett to play more man coverage—and take more risk—because you can funnel WRs to the middle of the field (and sit on routes) when you have a free safety that displays range. Without question, Atogwe is a an upgrade at the FS position, but it also upgrades the secondary as a unit.