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Could Clinton Portis Wind Up On The Philadelphia Eagles?

The Philadelphia Eagles are considered one of the Redskins' biggest rival. But for some reason, they share players like jeans in a house of teenage girls. There are tons of players whose resumes include stops in both Philadelphia and Washington.

We might be able to add another name to that list this offseason, and it's one that could scare Redskins fans when they face the Eagles this year. According to Bill Barnwell at ESPN, Clinton Portis, who was just cut by the Redskins this week, would make a lot of sense for the Eagles.

Turn Portis into a devastating part-time back. He's young enough to make a recovery -- he doesn't turn 30 until Sept. 1 -- and unlike backs that rely on breakaway speed in their youth and age poorly, Portis' mix of skills should sustain a second act for his career. He's an intelligent runner, makes sure cuts at the line of scrimmage and no back in the league is better in pass protection. A pass-happy team like the Philadelphia Eagles or New England Patriots could easily find a role where Portis could contribute.

This all relies, of course, on Portis' ability to stay healthy. Which is the main reason he isn't in Washington anymore. But if he can stay healthy over the course of a season, and the team that brings him in could reduce his workload significantly (two things that I believe are connected), I think we all know that Portis can still be an impact player in this league. I just hope it isn't for one of the Redskins' rivals.