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Redskins Sign O.J. Atogwe, Could Have Drafted Nate Allen

Free safety was quite clearly a position-of-need for the Washington Redskins heading into this offseason. Its a critical position in every 3-4 defensive scheme, and Kareem Moore had failed to justify his inclusion in the starting lineup last season at that position.


This problem may have been solved if the Redskins had had the opportunity to draft a free safety in the second round of the NFL Draft in 2010. But they didn't. Because they didn't have a second round draft choice. Because they'd traded it to the Philadelphia Eagles for Donovan McNabb.


The Eagles used that 37th overall draft choice on Nate Allen, a free safety from the University of South Florida. Allen started 12 games for the Eagles last year before suffering a season-ending injury. He had three interceptions in 2010, including one that was thrown by McNabb, and the most by any Eagles rookie since Brian Dawkins.


Well the Redskins appear to have solved their weakness at the free safety position this week by signing OJ. Atogwe, but they could have had Allen instead one year sooner. I don't point this out to criticize the Mike Shanahan regime for trading away a draft pick for McNabb. That's already been done often enough. I point it out just to raise the suggestion that the Redskins seem to be starting their rebuilding effort one year too late.