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2011 NFL Pro Day: Cam Newton Will Work Out At Auburn Pro Day Today

Cam Newton did not have the best NFL Combine. Athletically, he measured out as well as was expected. For a quarterback, his size and agility is incredible. But he looked erratic throwing the ball, and he reportedly rubbed some people the wrong way during interviews.

Quick editorial note, it's a bummer that is how he is judged. We expected him to be a freak athlete, so he doesn't get any points for measuring out as such. But even though we knew he would be a project quarterback, he gets slammed for being inaccurate. It was a no-win situation. But I digress.

Newton will have an opportunity to atone for those "sins" when he takes part in Auburn's Pro Day today. And you can rest assured that the Redskins will have some personnel in attendance. And Mel Kiper seems to think that he would be a pretty good fit in Washington (insider only).

It wouldn't be right to call it a great solution, but from a developmental standpoint, you have to wonder if the Redskins gave Rex Grossman the starting nod at the end of the 2010 season not merely to end the Donovan McNabb era, but to see if Grossman could be a good one-year option to start at quarterback if the team went that direction in the draft. While Blaine Gabbert could also be the pick here, if he were to go earlier, and Newton was sitting here at No. 10, would the Redskins pass him up? The Shanahans have enough stability (as much as that can be the case under the demanding Dan Snyder) to take a prospect like Newton, knowing he won't be an immediate answer, and Snyder might also be interested in the brand that is Newton.

O perfect, Daniel Snyder making the Redskins football decisions. I think that's what everyone wants. But we'll talk more about that when the Draft is a little closer. For now, we'll keep an eye on Newton's pro-day, and keep you updated on how he looks.