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Chris Cooley Finally Gets To All That Fan Mail You've Been Sending Him

Do you ever wonder what NFL players get into during the "vacation" part of the offseason? For Chris Cooley, that time means going through all the fan mail that people have been sending him since 2008. He mailed those people back, but he also posted some responses on his blog. Here are a couple of my favorites, more to follow after the jump.

- There is no way so many fans have followed my career since I was at Utah State. It's a nice gesture, but lets be honest here, Utah State football isn't a huge draw for the vast of NFL fans.

- Inmate mail is almost always a first read. I don't know why I'm fascinated by inmate mail, but I think a lot of the guys are. I had a few of those letters and was a little surprised by the text being quite short. Thought they had more time on their hands.

- Katie, would have loved to attend the princess party on 10/24/09.

- To Austins Big and Tall. Quit sending me 20% off cards. I don't shop there. I'm sure you have good stuff, but fortunately I fit into the last size in all department stores. 38/34 and XL usually works out just fine in Nordstroms.

- Emmitt, I will call or at least text Jason Campbell and Santana tomorrow and tell them what's up for you. It's been a long time coming.

And possibly the best one.

- I literally could have attended 25 weddings across the country. Congrats to all the brides and grooms circa 2008. It's almost a certainty I would drank too much and embarrassed your family at the wedding. Everyone has seen the picks from my wedding, so it's probably for the best I didn't come. Although I probably won't attend, if you're having a wedding soon, please keep in mind that an invite is in my top 5 favorite fan mail items. I'll leave the address at the bottom. Wes, your football ticket invites were awesome, but tell your wife she looks like a slut in that Cowboys jersey.

Cooley gives some tips for how to best reach him, so check out his blog and maybe you can get in on the fan mail two years from now.