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2011 NFL Draft Order: Washington Redskins Have Eight Picks

The official 2011 NFL Draft order was released Thursday night, and the Washington Redskins will have eight draft picks. The team gained an additional compensatory pick when those were released, and also got another seventh-round pick from the Indianapolis Colts for the Justin Tyron trade in the summer.

Here are the Redskins' eight draft picks.


  • First Round, 10th overall
  • Second Round, 41st overall
  • Fifth Round, 144th overall
  • Fifth Round, 155th overall
  • Sixth Round, 177th overall
  • Seventh Round, 213th overall
  • Seventh Round, 224th overall
  • Seventh Round, 253rd overall
The Redskins do not have a third- or fourth-round pick due to trades for Donovan McNabb and Jammal Brown. They do pick up the Saints' fifth-round pick in exchange for surrendering their fourth-round pick. All other picks are their own originally, except for the final one, which is a compensatory pick.

Six of the Redskins' eight draft picks are past the fifth round, which means the success of this year's draft class may lie with how the team does with those late picks.