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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Redskins Still Linked To Jake Locker

As we approach the 2011 NFL Draft, some names are starting to appear in Mock Drafts around the Internet more than others. And they might not be names that make Redskins fans very happy. the Redskins were reportedly infatuated with Jake Locker before the last Draft, and that interest has led to the Redskins taking him in the various Mocks. The latest is from NFL Draft 101. Here is their rationale.

With the Donovan McNabb experience failing miserably in the nation's capital and with backup Rex Grossman staring free agency in the face, the Redskins are in dire need for a signal caller at some point this offseason. With a lack of free agency, owner Daniel Snyder was unable to make his usual big splash, so I expect the team to go with a guy they've been smitten with for quite some time now. Locker was expected to be a top selection when the Redskins held the fourth overall pick in 2010, and after he decided to stay in school Washington is again a potential landing spot. I think he's a great fit for coach Mike Shanahan's offense, and while there will be a growing period needed I think Locker is the guy the Redskins need.

I'm not sure Locker has the accuracy to succeed as an NFL quarterback, but he does have everything lse you need. And if the Redskins have gotten a good enough look at him and feel comfortable with his accuracy, or at least his ability to improve it, than I won't be too mad about this pick if it happens.