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2011 NFL Draft: Purdue Defensive End Ryan Kerrigan Visiting The Redskins Tuesday

The 2011 NFL Draft is rapidly approaching, and teams are scrambling to solidify their draft boards. Well, maybe not scrambling, since it's really the only thing they are allowed to focus on, but they are still working hard, I'd imagine. Teams will be hosting prospects at their facilities over the next week or so. According to Aaron Wilson at National Football Post, Purdue defensive end Ryan Kerrigan will be visiting the Redskins on Tuesday.

All-American Purdue defensive end Ryan Kerrigan is scheduled to visit the Washington Redskins today and the New York Jets on Wednesday, according to a league source with knowledge of the situation.

Kerrigan is an interesting prospect for the Redskins because he isn't a really great fit in their scheme. I don't think he has the ability to play outside linebacker, and he isn't quite big enough to play defensive end in the 3-4. He's a very good player, but he might be better suited as a pure pass rusher in a 4-3 scheme. It is possible, however, that the Redskins are seeing something in him that I don't and envision him as the bookend for Brian Orakpo. And If that is the case, I think they could probably find a better prospect to fill that position (Robert Quinn for starters) who might represent better value at No. 10 overall.