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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Will The Redskins Take Robert Quinn In The First Round?

Very rarely do Mock Drafts get even a majority of their picks correct. I believe the reason for that is that they are formed by people who aren't actually close to any NFL decision makers, so they're projections are more "who they should take" as opposed to "who they will take" which is what the purpose of the Mock Draft should be. But that's what makes this new mock from Todd McShay at ESPN (Insider) so intriguing. It isn't just McShay's opinions this time, he brought in two actual factual NFL scouts to help him out.

They have the Redskins taking Robert Quinn, the outside linebacker from North Carolina.Despite the questions that surround Quinn, I kind of like this pick for the Redskins. You can put him on the other side of the field from Brian Orakpo and have your outside linebacker core sewn up for years to come. Because they already have Orakpo, it might not seem like that big of a need. But when you boost the pass-rush, it makes the other parts of your defense better. Less time for the quarterback to throw means less time that the secondary has to cover. If they are comfortable with the way Quinn can play in space, I think he could be a good pick at No. 10 overall.