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Jeremy Jarmon Thinks Albert Haynesworth Will Return To Redskins

Redskins fans are probably ready to have Albert Haynesworth go away, especially after his four-game suspension last season. Redskins fans also probably, in general, think it's a foregone conclusion that Albert Haynesworth will be going away, given his rocky relationship with coach Mike Shanahan.

Those same fans probably won't like what Jeremy Jarmon said Thursday night. Jarmon was on Hogs Haven's radio show on Thursday, and since he is close to Haynesworth, he was asked about Haynesworth's future with the team. His answer was surprising.

Me personally, my gut tells me that Albert will be a player for us this year. That is probably not the politically correct thing to sit here and say and speculate because I don't know what they're saying in the front office and I respect everything that they're doing up there, but when Albert played for us last year, I think that he was effective. Unless we can get some conversation from him through some kind of trade outlet like that, that'll he be a player for us this year. Talking to Albert I think that he'll be fine with it and a more expanded role and I know he was kind of disappointed not playing more last year. He wants to be a Washington Redskin. There's just been so bumps in the road and things like that. Hopefully at some poin they'll get those things ironed out. He's a hell of a player. If anyone told you they didn't think that they'd be lying to you because we know his potential. We know what he's capable of and we've seen it.    

Well then. That kind of flies in the face of everything we've heard and sensed from any other source, doesn't it? Listen to the whole interview here.