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2011 NFL Draft: Bruce Allen Speaks, But Reveals Little, About Redskins Draft Plans

During this time of year, NFL executives usually lie or are incredibly vague when discussing their plans on the upcoming draft.

You can put Redskins GM Bruce Allen in the latter category.

After speaking today at an event in Northeast Washington, Allen met with some members of the media for several minutes to discuss the upcoming draft.

And as usual, he didn't reveal a lot in his briefing. Here are some quotes courtesy of

On trading picks  for other draft picks: “We have eight choices for this draft and we have an opportunity to do well in the later rounds,” he said. “Could there be trades to acquire new picks? It’s possible.”

On if the lockout effects the teams draft strategy: “A lot of people, in previous years, go by the draft board and go by the ratings and don’t try to overreach for a player,” he said. “Obviously, if you think somebody is going to go, you might have to take them half a round higher than you project.

“We’re going to follow our draft board. That’s the safest way to do it and if it’s a position we feel we have a need, that will work even better for us.”

On the current CBA negotiations: “There will be a CBA; it’s just when,” he said. “We need to be prepared for when there is an agreement. … Hopefully they’ll get it done. I think it’s good that they’re talking and you can only make progress by having conversations." 

Bruce Allen is a veteran when it comes to talking without saying anything, and he certainly put that on display again (minus the CBA part) in his brief session with the media.

But Allen's actions will speak louder than his words when the draft rolls around come April 28th, as we will all find out which direction the Redskins will go.