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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Von Miller Visiting The Redskins On Monday

Von Miller, the standout linebacker from Texas A&M, will be visiting the Redskins on Monday in Ashburn, according to the National Football Post at Miller is expected to be one of the first four or five names called on Draft day, so it is unlikely that the Redskins will get a chance to draft him at No. 10 overall.

"I love watching the kid on tape," NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock told the National Football Post. 'I can’t tell you how many times I wrote down, ‘Wow.' He might have the quickest get-off explosion in the draft. He almost defies gravity. he's a phenomenal pass rusher.

Miller has used strong performances at the Senior Bowl and the NFL Combine to climb up draft boards to the point that he is almost guaranteed to be a top-five pick. If the Redskins really want to draft him, they would likely have to trade up to the Cardinals' pick at No. 5 and hope that Miller gets past the Bills at No. 3.