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2011 NFL Draft: Ryan Mallett Coveted By Redskins For No. 10 Pick, According To Report

The 2011 NFL Draft is just nine days away, which means it's time for all the rumors to start flying. The latest rumor involves the Redskins and their first-round pick at No. 10 overall. It's a pick where many players who play all sorts of different positions will be considered. The latest rumor, though, has the team coveting Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallett with the selection.

NFL Network's Michael Lombardi reported on television Monday that the Redskins have interest in selecting Mallett with the No. 10 selection, according to a source "extremely close" to the team. Via Pro Football Talk:

Specifically, Lombardi asked the source about Shanahan's targets with the tenth pick in the draft. The source told Lombardi, "Don't rule out Ryan Mallett" becoming Shanny's next franchise quarterback.    

The Redskins have scouted Mallett extensively, though they have not and likely will not bring Mallett in for an individual workout. However, many, including Mike Jones of the Washington Post, feel this is simply a smokescreen. Coach Mike Shanahan does tend to be tight-lipped about which players he desires, and most believe he is more interested in Washington's Jake Locker than in Mallett.