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2011 NFL Draft: Ryan Mallett's Film Sessions Includes ... John Daly?

Late Monday night, a report surfaced that the Washington Redskins were interested in spending their 2011 NFL Draft first-round pick (10th overall) on Ryan Mallett, the Arkansas quarterback. We don't really believe that will actually happen, but you never know. 

Anyway, all this really does is gives us an excuse to post this video of Mallett sitting down with ESPN's Jon Gruden and ... John Daly, for some reason. There's really no purpose for Daly being in this video, other than to stand up for a fellow Arkansas guy. I guess ESPN felt the need to show Mallett what not to do as a professional athlete. 

Hell, if Mallett needs help answering the "tough questions" of Jon Gruden, just wait until he has to answer to the ruthless criticism that will surely come from Mike and Kyle Shanahan. Donovan McNabb of all people wilted under their criticism. Mallett, I'm sure, would be worse.