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Washington Redskins 2011 Schedule: Redskins Will Play Against The NFC West And AFC East

The NFL Schedule is set up so that each team plays the teams in it's own division twice, and goes on tour against two complete other divisions. The two divisions that each team plays each year changes every year. This year the Redskins, as well as the other teams from the NFC East, will play the teams from the NFC West and the AFC East.

It's an interesting dichotomy because the AFC East is one of best divisions in football, while the NFC West was historically bad last year. The AFC East was a combine 36-28 last year, which is really good considering the Bills went 3-13. The NFC West, on the other hand, was not so good. They finished a collective 25-39, while sending a sub-.500 team to the Playoffs.

So when you take the two divisions as a whole, they are just under .500. I have to imagine that is pretty favorable compared to how it could have gone if they had gotten a different division. It will be important for them to take advantage of those games against the NFC West.