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NFL Draft 2011: Blaine Gabbert Scouting Report

The 2011 NFL Draft is taking place on Thursday, April 28, and the Redskins will have the No. 10 pick in the first round. Many different players have been projected to be picked in that spot in various 2011 NFL mock drafts, and the Redskins certainly have a lot of needs. Which players will be good fits for the Redskins in that spot? We will provide scouting reports and let you know who we like in this StoryStream. Next up: Missouri QB Blaine Gabbert.

NFL Comparison: In terms of style, Gabbert is a traditional drop-back quarterback. He has a little bit more mobility than someone like Peyton Manning, but he isn't Mike Vick either. Let's call him a Josh Freeman.

2010 Stats: 3,186 yds 16 tds 9 ints 63.4 comp%

Strengths: Gabbert is your standard big, strong-armed quarterback that can accurately make all the throws on the field. He is also a better athlete than you might expect, and can move around the pocket pretty easily. He is pretty strong at throwing on the run, and is a pretty good decision maker.

Weaknesses: I'm not sure that Gabbert has any physical weaknesses, so his only real weakness is his lack of domination at the College level. He has all the tools to succeed, so he should have performed a lot better in College than he did. I'm not sure why that was. This might be nit-picking, in fact I'm pretty sure it is, but I would have liked Gabbert to look the part of a top-five pick during the season, not just in workouts.

Redskins Fit: Gabbert would be a good player for the Redskins if they are able to get him. He would be the quarterback of the future that this franchise is so starved for. I happen to think that he will be a good player at the next level, and a pretty safe pick. If he lasts until the tenth overall pick, I don't believe that the Redskins will be able to pass on him.

Where He Should Be Picked: Gabbert will probably go somewhere in the top five, likely to the Bengals at No. 4 or the Cardinals the pick after. If the Redskins want to get him, they'll have to trade up.