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Judge Susan Richard Nelson Lifts NFL Lockout, Rules In Favor Of Players

The NFL Lockout is over. Well, sort of. As expected, Judge Susan Richard Nelson has ruled in favor of the players and has called for the end of the NFL Lockout, according to ESPN's Chris Mortensen

Federal Judge Susan Richard Nelson has ruled for players, lifting lockout, per sources. Owners will seek immediate stay.    

The lockout will officially end when Nelson releases her report. However, Mortensen reports that the owners are expected to request a stay, keeping the lockout in effect until an appeal is heard. In fact, the owners have already appealed to the 8th circut, according to Andrew Brandt of ESPN and National Football Post. That appeal is unlikely to be heard for another month or two, so there's still a ways to go before football can be played. NFL Network reports that the owners needed to ask for a different court because Nelson denied their request for a stay.

Regardless, it's still a big win for the players. The owners must now convince a judge why the previous judge's ruling was wrong. If they cannot, football will resume.