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NFL Lockout Ruling Means Anthony Armstrong And Lorenzo Alexander Go Back To Work (UPDATED)

UPDATED: Nevermind.

Judge Susan Nelson's decision to rule in favor of the NFL Players Association and temporarily end an NFL Lockout creates a weird period where the NFL is open for business, at least until the owners are granted a stay on Nelson's ruling in order to appeal. Well, at least that's the players' point of view. The owners still feel a lockout is in place.

Nevertheless, this means that there's a murky period where the players think they are working. Some position coaches have already contacted their players, according to Sports Illustrated's Jim Trotter. Meanwhile, Andrew Brandt says that players will show up to work Tuesday. 

We know two Redskins who will be on that list.

One is Lorenzo Alexander. The Redskins' linebacker told John Keim of the Washington Examiner that he's reporting to Redskins Park unless a stay is granted. The other, somewhat reluctantly, is Anthony Armstrong. The Redskins' wide receiver tweeted this:

So.... I guess I should go check on my cubicle tomorrow?less than a minute ago via Plume   Favorite Retweet Reply


NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said the NFL has no plans to start the season, so who knows how Armstrong, Alexander and others around the league will be treated when they arrive. We'll find out Tuesday.