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Dan Snyder Explains Lawsuit Against Washington City Paper In Op-Ed

After two months of silence, Dan Snyder has managed to bring his lawsuit against the Washington City Paper back to the forefront of the discussion. Snyder has filed an op-ed in the Washington Post explaining the decision to sue the paper over Dave McKenna's November cover story. In it, Snyder focused on just one of his objections and said he has decided to file in Maryland rather than New York.

At the beginning of the op-ed, Snyder said that the complaint is "essentially the same" as before. However, he spent most of the time objection to the claim that he was "caught" forging names while working as a telemarketer. 

That is a clear factual assertion that I am guilty of forgery, a serious crime that goes directly to the heart of my reputation - as a businessman, marketer and entrepreneur. It is false.   

Remarkably, several weeks after I filed the lawsuit, the publisher wrote in Washington City Paper that she was "baffled" that anyone could read the article and believe that I had been accused of personally engaging in forgery. "In fact," she wrote, "we have no reason to believe he personally did any such thing - and our story never says he did."   

Well, I am baffled, too, since personally engaging in forgery is precisely what the paper explicitly said I had been "caught" doing. 

Previously, Snyder's complaint centered around what he felt was an anti-Semitic depiction of him on the front cover, which featured a picture of Snyder with devil horns on his face. He also objected to the article's depiction of his wife, a breast cancer survivor. He had also objected to the telemarketing claim, but it was only a smaller part of his larger issue. It remains unclear whether this means he has changed his complaints.