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Redskins Park Remains Closed Despite NFL Lockout Ruling

As it turns out, the Redskins' players will not be able to report to Redskins Park on Tuesday. Despite Judge Susan Nelson ruling in favor of the players and lifting an NFL lockout, Redskins Park and other team facilities across the country will be closed as the NFL owners look for an appeal.

Bruce Allen informed Redskins player representative Vonnie Holiday of the news, according to John Keim of the Washington Examiner.

"I guess they have to figure out how they handle it now," Holliday said. "The explanation I got is there's a lot of lawyers involved and the owners aren't clear [about the situation] I don't know how much clearer it can be....I had players calling me up and asking, ‘Can I go in?' "

Lorenzo Alexander and Anthony Armstrong were two Redskins who said they would be at Redskins Park Tuesday morning, prior to this news being passed down to Holiday.