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NFL Lockout: Lorenzo Alexander, Anthony Armstrong Turned Away At Redskins Park

Given the murky situation with the league appealing Judge Nelson's decision calling for the lifting of the NFL Lockout, there were going to be players showing up to team facilities looking to work out. That happened here in Washington D.C. as well, as linebacker Lorenzo Alexander and wide receiver Anthony Armstrong drove to Redskins Park Tuesday morning. Upon arriving, Bruce Allen told both to leave the facility.

Via John Keim of the Washington Examiner:

[Lorenzo Alexander] leaving facility; was here for a few minutes. Talked to bruce allen. Said could not work out    

Armstrong showed up a bit later and was also turned aside. He said it "felt like you were sneaking into the club. 

The league had instructed teams to let players into the facility, but not into the locker room or weight room. The Redskins evidently complied with that request. The league is looking for a stay on Judge Nelson's ruling, and is also hoping to appeal it.