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NFL Draft 2011 Odds: Julio Jones Favored To Be Redskins' No. 10 Pick

The latest 2011 NFL Draft odds have come out on, and there is a clear favorite for the Redskins' No. 10 pick. According to the latest odds, Alabama wide receiver Julio Jones is the likely pick.

Jones has a 4-5 odds to be the selection, which is pretty high if you ask me. The betting line for Jones is -125, which doesn't seem like great odds if I'm in this position. For entertainment value only, of course.

Besides Jones, the other top candidates are North Carolina defensive end Robert Quinn (2-1, +200), Wisconsin defense end J.J. Watt (7-2, +350) and Missouri defensive end Aldon Smith (9-1, +900). Washington quarterback Jake Locker, who is being listed as going to the Redskins in several mock drafts, is not among the possibilities. 

As we've noted before, projections are futile when it comes to the NFL Draft, so there's a good chance that someone other than those four players ends up being the pick.