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Albert Haynesworth Indicted On Misdemeanor Sexual Abuse Charge

Albert Haynesworth has now officially been charged with one misdemeanor count of sexual abuse stemming from an incident at the W Hotel last February. NBC Washington has the details. 

Haynesworth has been charged by the U.S. Attorney's office for allegedly fondling a waitress at the W Hotel. The case was considered in front of a grand jury in February, and evidently, there was enough evidence to push forward to press charges. 

According to the police report, Haynesworth was paying his tab and slipped his bill into the waitress' blouse because her hands were full. At that point, he pushed it up her shirt and to her breast. Haynesworth's attorney had previously denied all charges.

The troubled Redskins' defensive tackle is also dealing with a simple assault charge stemming from an alleged road rage incident. That court hearing is scheduled for May 26. He, of course, was suspended for the final four games of the Redskins' season in 2010 for his issues with coach Mike Shanahan.