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NFL Draft 2011: Colin Kaepernick Scouting Report

The 2011 NFL Draft is taking place on Thursday, April 28, and the Redskins will have the No. 10 pick in the first round. Many different players have been projected to be picked in that spot in various 2011 NFL mock drafts, and the Redskins certainly have a lot of needs. Which players will be good fits for the Redskins in that spot? We will provide scouting reports and let you know who we like in this StoryStream. Next up: Nevada quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Strengths: Kaepernick is a very good athlete with a strong arm. His arm is so strong, in fact, that he was also drafted in the MLB draft as a pitcher, two years ago even though he hadn't actually played baseball in a couple years. His mobility was perfect for Nevada's spread 'em out offense and he put up gaudy, and in some cases record-breaking, numbers. Last year he passed for over 3,000 yards, rushed for an additional 1,200, and scored 20 touchdowns both on the ground and through the air.

Weaknesses: We've seen a lot of quarterbacks that come from these spread offenses have trouble acclimating themselves to the NFL game. He probably did not have to make very many complex reads in College, but that will not be the case once he makes the NFL. Kaepernick has shown that he has all the physical tools to be successful, we just have no idea how he will translate to the NFL game.

Redskins Fit: I think that Kapernick (assuming he translates well to the NFL) would be a good fit for the Redskins. I happen to think more highly of him than others and think that he will make the transition. We all know that Mike Shanahan likes his quarterbacks to be mobile, and Kaepernick certainly provides that option.

Where He Might Be Drafted: It appears like Kaepernick might go somewhere in the second round. I could see him going early in the second round if a team likes his potential, but based on value, he will probably go closer to the middle of the second round.

If the Redskins decide to take a non-quarterback in the first round, they could take Kaepernick with the 41st overall pick and get a quarterback to develop. Or, they could trade back in the first, earn another second round pick in the process, and take him a little bit closer to where he is pegged to go. He won't go in the first round, but the Redskins will have a pretty good chance to get their hands on him.