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NFL Draft 2011: Mike Shanahan Press Conference: Coach Stays Close To Vest, Says Quarterback Class Is Deep


When the media descended here at Redskins Park, the thought was that Mike Shanahan was not going to reveal much of his plans for the 2011 NFL Draft. Now that it's over, that's pretty much true. Shanahan spoke about the draft, but didn't reveal much of his plans, as expected. When asked about making a draft day trade, he talked about how it's really unpredictable to tell in any draft. 

"I've been in situations where we haven't had a lot of picks, then all of a sudden, here comes the phone calls. [Other times] you're sitting there hoping someone will call and no one does"

Other quotes:

On whether or not they view trading up as an obstacle because of a lack of picks:

"That's very possible, [it's] very realistic [to view it as an obstacle]"

One thing that was interesting to hear is if he believed there is one guy the team was keying on at that 10 spot. But with the unpredictability of any draft, it's hard for him to really say right now.

On the QB depth in this draft:

"This [class] is deeper. Much deeper than what I'm accustomed to."

On if the team has pinpointed a particular guy at 10:

"There's always differences of opinion. You go through these mock drafts because you're never really sure what's going to happen. There's one scenario where we say 'hey, that's our guy'. There's another scenario that where that guy is gone and another guy is gone. Usually at ten you have a pretty good idea of a few choices."

On if there is a consensus within the organization at 10:

"There's about three or four guys that could wind up there that we talked about. I've talked about the possibility of moving back and getting extra draft pick(s). We've gone through all the different scenarios"

On the biggest need of the team:

"We can go a lot of different directions. We have a lot of depth at the tight end position and the safety position, with the addition of OJ and Laron. With our three tight ends who played last year, we got some depth at the tight end position. Other than that we [need help]"

On Cam Newton:

"It only takes one person to like you ..... Everyone sees the type of what type of an athlete Cam Newton is. He's an off the charts athlete, and time will tell how successful he is."

On his players organizing workouts:

"That just shows you what type of guys we've got. We've got some great leadership out there and they take initiative....seeing that puts a smile on your face."