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NFL Draft 2011: Mike Shanahan Says Redskins Could Trade Down

The Redskins hold the tenth overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, which begins on Thursday. But after that pick, the Redskins don't have much of an opportunity to make a significant impact on the Draft. But they could change, according to Mike Jones of the Washington Post. The Redskins could be interested in trading down int he first round, as a way to acquire some extra picks in the middle of the Draft.

“If somebody comes up and all of a sudden at that 10th pick they have something they want and we can move back and pick up additional picks, yeah that could be a real reality,” Shanahan said. “Especially if we’re able to get real value.

This is my surprised face. Trading down is something that the Redskins very rarely do, and it is something that helps build a football team. They have a lot of holes on their roster, and trading a shot for one outstanding player for a chance to get two or three very solid players is a smart play. But then you have to hit on your draft picks, of course.