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NFL Lockout: Redskins Park Remains Closed, Lorenzo Alexander, Casey Rabach Leave Quickly

Once again, Redskins Park essentially remains closed to the Redskins' players, even though Judge Susan Nelson denied the owners' request for a stay on her ruling that the NFL lockout has been lifted. Lorenzo Alexander and Casey Rabach both dropped by Redskins Park Thursday morning, but without access to the locker room and weight room, they departed soon thereafter.

Via the Washington Post's Insider blog:

Attempts by Washington Redskins players to train at Redskins Park were rendered fruitless for a second time this week.

So far Thursday morning, linebacker Lorenzo Alexander and center Casey Rabach both attempted to enter the facility but left shortly after they arrived.

NFL Players Union team representative Vonnie Holiday tweeted earlier that the facilities' doors would "remain closed" as the appeal process continued. Alexander and Rabach still tried to go, though. Alexander left after less than five minutes, while Rabach stayed for 20 minutes before departing.