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2011 NFL Mock Draft Final Check For Redskins Pick

Alright gang, we're now less than six hours away from the beginning of the 2011 NFL Draft, and probably about seven hours away from finding out who the Washington Redskins will pick at No. 10. Therefore, it's time to take one last look at all the 2011 NFL Mock Drafts.

Thankfully, there's this handy-dandy resource from our friends at DC Pro Sports Report, who have listed literally every single NFL Mock Draft in the universe in this chart. If aliens from Mars decided to do an NFL Mock Draft, you'd best believe DC Pro Sports Report would be on top of it. So who are the men most likely to be the Redskins' first pick, at least among the 125 (!) most updated mocks?

WR Julio Jones:  51 projections

QB Jake Locker:  25 projections

DE Robert Quinn:  17 projections

QB Blaine Gabbert:  7 projections

DE JJ Watt:  6 projections

CB Prince Amukamara:  3 projections

QB Ryan Mallett:  3 projections

DE Daquan Bowers:  2 projections

WR AJ Green:  2 projections

DE Aldon Smith:  2 projections

Rest have 1 projection:  QB Colin Kapernick, DE Ryan Kerrigan, DE Cameron Jordan, LB Justin Houston, OT Tyrone Smith, and DE Nick Fairley

Yup, that's right. Most mock drafts believe the Redskins will end up with what Mister Irrelevant dubbed the "Realistic Worst-Case" scenario. Who's excited!