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2011 NFL Draft Order: Washington Redskins Have Eight Picks

The first round of the 2011 NFL Draft will take place at 8 p.m. on ESPN on Thursday night. The full NFL Draft will take place Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Therefore, here is your friendly reminder that the Redskins have eight draft picks over the course of the weekend, at least as of right now. Certainly, they could add or subtract some if they make any trades.

Eight seems like a lot, but of course, that number is a mirage. Due to the trades for Donovan McNabb and Jammal Brown last season, the Redskins will not have a third- or fourth-round pick. This means that they will make one pick -- their first-round pick -- on Thursday, one pick on Friday, then will not pick until late Saturday. That is, of course, unless they trade into the third or fourth round, which is possible if they elect to trade down in the draft.

Here are all eight of the Redskins' picks:

First Round, No. 10 overall

Second Round, No. 41 overall

Fifth Round, No. 144 overall

Fifth Round, No. 155 overall (from New Orleans, via the Jammal Brown trade)

Sixth Round, No. 177 overall

Seventh Round, No. 213 overall

Seventh Round, No. 224 overall (from Indianapolis, via Justin Tryon trade)

Seventh Round, No. 253 overall (via compensatory picks)