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2011 NFL Draft: Andy Dalton Stock Rising, Redskins Reportedly Could Take Him At No. 10

T minus and hour before the draft starts, and there are plenty of rumblnig as to who's stock is rising and falling just before teams get on the clock.

One guy who is apparently rising up the draft boards is red headed QB Andy Dalton out of TCU, according to

eep an eye on TCU quarterback Andy Dalton.  Peter King of already has reported that Dalton (and Jake Locker) will be top-20 picks.  For Dalton, the zone to watch begins with pick No. 7 and ends with pick No. 16.

Teams that could take Dalton include the 49ers at No. 7, the Titans at No. 8, the Redskins at No. 10, the Vikings at No. 12, the Dolphins at No. 15, and the Jags at No. 16.

The Redskins need help at a lot of positions, and QB is certainly at or near the top of the list. Will they be tempted to draft either Locker or Dalton with the 10th pick? We're about to find out really soon.