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NFL Draft Trade Rumors: Patriots Interested In Trading Up To Redskins' No. 10 Pick

The Washington Redskins have long been reported to be interested in trading down in the 2011 NFL Draft. Now, it looks like that may be a possibility. With the NFL Draft upcoming, the latest NFL Draft trade rumor suggests the New England Patriots may be interested in trading for the No. 10 pick and then selecting Robert Quinn from North Carolina.

Via Greg Bedard of the Boston Globe.

So [Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk[ reports the latest rumor is Patriots to 10 for Quinn if he's still there.

The Patriots own the No. 17, No. 28 and No. 33 picks in the NFL Draft, and own nine picks altogether. Six of those nine picks are in the first three rounds. The Redskins own just eight picks, and only two in the first four rounds. They certainly appear to be ideal trade partners on the surface, but of course, this is the NFL Draft, so you never know.