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2011 NFL Draft Results: Denver Broncos Select Von Miller

John Elway, John Fox and Josh McDaniels were on the clock at No. 2 in this 2011 NFL Draft, and they have taken Von Miller with the No. 2 pick. It appears the young collegian who made the bold move to join the NFL players lawsuit against the leage has been chosen #2 in this year's draft.

Denver chose what by all accounts is the premier edge rusher in the draft, and for a defense that was dead-last in the league, anyone who can mae noise on that side of the field is a win. Even more entertainigly for draftniks, Miller's choice tied with Quintin Coryatt for highest Texas A&M player ever drafted. (And here i Had Bat Ngyuen in the pool).

The Redskins certainly could have used Miller, but as it turns out, he rose up the draft boards very, very quickly. The Buffalo Bills are now on the clock, and they could go anywhere with their pick.