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2011 NFL Draft Results: Buffalo Bills Select Marcel Dareus

The Buffalo Bills have seemingly made a pick their fanbase can finally live with (sorry Aaron Maybin). At the number three position in the 2011 NFL Draft Buffalo and octogenarian GM Buddy Nix chose what many felt was the most disruptive line presence in the draft, defensive lineman Marcell Dareus, University of Alabama.

Buffalo has kinda sent a shockwave through the draft taking Dareus, and now the fun may begin. But before we throw confetti on Buffalo, let's remember they had more holes tom fill than anyone could think of....Dareus plugs but one.

He's a run-stopper and an anchor for a defense that watched their field opposites get marched all over, forever having to outscore their opponents.This choice changes football in Buffalo for years to come (in theory of course).

The Bills' second-round pick could be a decade-changing alteration, but why put that kind of pressure on Buddy so soon in the evening, right?