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2011 NFL Draft Results: Blaine Gabbert To Jaguars, Nick Fairley To Lions

The 2011 NFL Draft, despite all the legal shenanigoats, has been a fast and furious affair entertaining fans all evening long. There were lots of interesting picks, with Blaine Gabbert's fall finally ending at No. 10....and me jumping the gun already... 

At #9 to the Dallas Cowboys - Tyron Smith, offensive line. Tony Romo approves.

#10 - Blaine Gabbert, Jacksonville Jaguars - You sir do not dress as well as our incumbent QB but you will do.

#11 - J.J Watt, defensive end out of Wisconsin. I mean, the Texans HAD to take a defensive guy, right?

#12 - Christian Ponder. Minnesota Vikings. At least they got the pick in on time. Too bad it was for a QB they could have wrangled in Round 2.

#13 - Nick Fairley, Detroit Lions. Um, thank god I'm not a fan of a NFC North team, because if this kid's head is screwed on straight a Fairley/Suh defensive line combo is decade-long destructive.

#14 - St Louis Rams - Robert Quinn. Miss a year of school due to suspension? Not a concern in the 2011 NFL. Ability to disrupt a pocket? Exactly what the Rams need.

#15 Mike Pouncey- The Miami Dolphins think they took Xomat, got Tamox. I'm not gonna tell 'em. Are you?