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Redskins Draft Ryan Kerrigan: How Washington's Newest Draft Pick Affects Rest Of Defense

Well, the wait is over, and we finally know who the Redskins drafted. The team selected defensive end Ryan Kerrigan with the 16th pick  of the draft.

SO what does this mean for the rest of the defense? 

Although he played defensive end in college, it's very possible that the Purdue product might be converted to an outside linebacker in Jim Haslett's 3-4 defensive scheme. Kerrigan has the size and frame to excel in that pass rushing role opposite of Brian Orakpo.

Simply put, Kerrigan was a sack master at Purdue. He compiled a total of 37.5 sacks in college, never amassing less than 7 sacks in any of his four years. 

Jim Haslett has been lobbying for a compliment to Orakpo since the latter half of the 2010 season. He will now get his wish with Kerrigan coming in and filling a key need along the front seven. 

During the season, Orakpo was the only player capable of providing a solid pass rush. Now he will be paired with someone who can provide at the very least a competent pass rush that will make things tougher on opposing offenses.

With so many needs along the defensive front seven, the Redskins did the right thing by going defense.