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NFL Draft 2011: Mike Shanahan Happy With Redskins Drafting Ryan Kerrigan, Trading With Jaguars

The Washington Redskins have selected Ryan Kerrigan with the No. 16 pick in the 2011 NFL Draft after trading down from the No. 10 spot, acquiring the No. 16 and No. 49 picks from the Jacksonville Jaguars. Afterwards, Mike Shanahan said he felt the team needed another pass rusher.

Via Matt Terl of Redskins Blog:

"We need somebody opposite Rak on the other side, put some pressure ... we'd like to have another dominating pass rusher."

As for the trade, Shanahan said it was the Jaguars who initiated conversation with the Redskins with six minutes left on the clock. When asked why the Redskins passed on the opportunity to take Blaine Gabbert at the No. 10 spot, Shanahan responded that he felt the Redskins had bigger needs. Shanahan added that Kerrigan was receptive to moving to linebacker when discussed.

Shanahan also indicated the Redskins would not move back into the first round, though they could move up in the second round.