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Ryan Kerrigan Drafted By Redskins: Five Things To Know About Him


Well, the pick is in for the Redskins. They selected 6'4", 267 pound Purdue defensive end Ryan Kerrigan with the 16th pick of the 2011 NFL Draft. I can already hear Skins fans getting antsy from Manassas to Metro Center. But wait. Is that a bird, a plane, a draft pick? That's right, denizens of Skins' Town. We have our new Superman:

"He can do anything from a player standpoint. He can go longer and harder than most. He’s faster than most. He’s bigger than most. Stronger than most. Smarter than most. Better looking than most. He’s Superman."

Dan Steinberg has more on the Superman thing here. As you probably know by now, I can barely formulate full sentences, so let's stick to the script referenced in  the subject line above. The newest Washington Redskin, on a need to know basis only:

1.  Kerrigan made a living in the opposing team's backfield last year. As a senior in the Big Ten, he was second in the nation with 26 tackles for loss.

2.  He can play as both a 3-4 linebacker and a 4-3 end, and he seems willing to do both (you hear that Albert Haynesworth? I haven't dared to ask young Mister Kerrigan if he has date preferences)

3.  Kerrigan's Fortress of Solitude has a low HOA and better HVAC units than Mr. Kent's. And he doesn't have to deal with Ms. Lane.

4.  Um, the Redskins appear not to have botched a first round pick. No, seriously, why is this not point No. 1?

5.  Ryan Kerrigan might be a tad susceptible to sunburn, but he also ran the second-fastest 40 time of any defensive lineman at the combine. Seriously, have you looked at this guy? How the heck did that happen?