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NFL Draft 2011: Ryan Kerrigan Says He'll "Never Forget" The Moment Shanahan Made The Call

Shortly after being selected by the Washington Redskins with the 16th pick of the NFL draft, Ryan Kerrigan spoke to local media via conference call. Here are some of the quotes, via redskinsblog:


Ryan Kerrigan is checking in via conference call."I'll never forget that moment" of Shanahan calling him.

Kerrigan on Cooley: "He was kinda disappointed I cut my hair, but that's about it."

Kerrigan on his haircut: "There comes a time when you've just gotta part with some things."
To get the rest of the Kerrigan audio, go to :

From everything you hear and read about Kerrigan, he seems to be a hard worker who loves the game of football and will do whatever he can to improve his game.

Kerrigan will be introduced tomorrow at Redskins Park in a noon press conference.

With the Redskins having two picks in the second round, it looks like Kerrigan won't be the only one they introduce in the next few days, either.