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2011 NFL Draft Results: Packers Selection Of Derek Sherrod Completes First Round

The Prime Time portion of the 2011 NFL Draft has come to a close with the selection of offensive lineman Derek Sherrod of Mississippi State with the 32nd pick in the first round of this year's meat-market spectacle. Despite the legal battle enveloping the proceedings, tonight's draft went off as expected, with the usual unexpected results.

However, the Packers selection of an agile, lengthy lineman should surprise no one, as they look for all the protection they can get for Super Bowl winning quarterback Aaron Rodgers (do I hear Favres burning?)

The drafting of Sherrod ended a first round that saw multiple trades, and of course many surprise selections, at least to the armchair G.M.s both in attendance and henpecking away on keyboards.

Perhaps most surprising of all if you reside in the DC metro area was the Washington Redskins ability to actually trade down and acquire picks in a draft, in the process perhaps adding another piece to an Orakpo/Landry-led defense that could be one of the NFL's best.