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Round Two NFL Mock Draft: Colin Kaepernick, Rodney Hudson To Redskins In Latest Projections

The first round of the 2011 NFL Draft is over, but if you think we're done speculating and guessing. There are still six rounds of the NFL Draft left, which gives us plenty of time to do some more Mocking. The guys over at SB Nation just came out with their official 2011 NFL Draft Second Round Mock, and they have some interesting picks for the Redskins. The first is Nevada quarterback Colin Kaepernick at 41st overall.

I still think it's likely that the Redskins look for a developmental quarterback, and Kaepernick has considerable upside.

It's entirely possible that I like Colin Kaepernick more than I should, but I think he would be a pretty good developmental prospect for the Redskins. I think they need to take a quarterback at some point in this draft, and this is just about as good a time as any. It also doesn't help that the other positions still on the board that the Redskins might need are outside linebackers, which they filled with Ryan Kerrigan.

With the 49th overall pick, which they acquired from the Jacksonville Jaguars, SB Nation has the Redskins taking Florida State guard Rodney Hudson. Here is their rationale.

Hudson is an ideal fit for the zone-blocking scheme, and has the versatility to play center.

Full disclosure, I don't know a lot about Hudson. But the Redskins do need a lot of help on the offensive line and if they think that Hudson is the best prospect on the board at that position then I think the Redskins should pull the trigger.

It will be interesting to see how the Redskins use these two picks, which have given them a little bit more flexibility than we expected heading into the draft.