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Redskins Draft Pick Ryan Kerrigan + Brian Orakpo = 'KERAKPO'

It didn't take long for new Redskins draft pick Ryan Kerrigan to get a nickname. In retrospect, this one is almost too obvious to even think about off the bat. Given that Kerrigan will likely play outside linebacker opposite Brian Orakpo, it only makes sense to call them 'KERAKPO.' Right?


That's what Parks Smith of Hogs Haven came up with in the immediate aftermath of the pick, and it looks like it's starting to stick. Matt Terl and Chris Mottram have both picked it up, and therefore, I think we should too. It's short, it's to the point, and it's descriptive enough to account for a lot of different usages. For example: "And there's another sack for Kerakpo." Or: "The Cowboys are going to have a hard time stopping Kerakpo with their horrible offensive line." Or: "Michael Vick is fast, but he's not fast enough to escape Kerakpo." Or: "Eli Manning's interception was caused by the pressure of Kerakpo." See. Perfect.


Now, all we need is for Kerrigan himself to accept the nickname.