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Ryan Kerrigan Press Conference: New Redskins Draft Pick Says He 'Couldn't Have Asked' For Better Situation


The morning after being drafted by the Washington Redskins with the No. 16 pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, Ryan Kerrigan was introduced as the newest member of the team at Redskins Park in Ashburn, VA

Kerrigan and his family were excited to be apart of an NFL franchise, and will now look forward to making an instant impact on the defense. Here's a transcript of some key quotes form the presser:

On adjusting to the 3-4: "I think it's just seeing the game from a different perspective. You'r standing up, you can see the whole field, where as when youre in the three point stance, [you only have] straight ahead vision. I think that will be the biggest adjustment, but I think with a lot of time I can make that adjustment pretty smoothly 

On his emotions: "It’s been an awesome experience. I couldn’t have asked to come to a better organization and when I got the phone call yesterday I was extremely thrilled and really glad to be apart of this organization"

On his hunch that he could come here: "I had a good couple of meetings with [the coaches], I really like what the coaches were doing with their defensive scheme and thought I fit very well here, especially being opposite of Brian Orakpo"

On what the coaches told him: "They just told me that I was someone who can come in and make an impact on their defense and special teams, and someone who could be a good playmaker for their defense.

On his football IQ as a DL: "I just think knowing what everyone else is doing will make for a better defense as a whole. It makes you that more sure of your assignment because you know if you’re supposed to be in one spot, then your teammate is supposed to be in another. "

On how the combine was important in improving his confidence at OLB: "It was very important. I wanted to be as valuable as I could in the draft and I really wanted to show that I am athletic enough to play the outside linebacker position."

On his skillset:"I’m someone who’s going to give you all I got on every play. My first play is going to look like my last play, I’m going to go hard on every play. I’m someone who’s going to be good against the run and get after the QB"

On if he has followed the NFL labor negotiations: "I can't control anything that's going on with that. I'm happy to be here in Washington and happy to be drafted. I couldn't have asked to come into a better situation. The only things I can control now is how I stay in shape and how I work from here on out."