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NFL Draft Trade Rumor: Redskins Looking To Trade Down, Acquire Third-Round Pick

The Washington Redskins have already made one trade down to acquire an additional pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, sending the No. 10 overall pick to the Jacksonville Jaguars for the No. 16 pick and the Jaguars' second-round selection (No. 49). That gives the Redskins two second-round picks (No. 41 and No. 49). But that might not be the only trade-down the team does. ESPN 980 is reporting that the Redskins are interested in dealing one of those picks to acquire an additional selection in the third round.

Sources tell ESPN 980 that the #Redskins are trying very hard to dump out of the #41 spot in the 2nd round, to acquire at least one 3rd/4th round pick - perhaps more. San Francisco (#45, #76 (3rd), #108 & #115 (4th's) + New England (# 33, #56, # 60 (2nd's) + #74, #92 (3rd's) + #125 (4th) are possible dance partners.    

The Redskins do not currently have a third-round pick, having lost it in the Donovan McNabb trade. They also do not have a fourth-round pick, thanks to a trade with the Saints for Jammal Brown last year. The Redskins do have two fifth-round picks, a sixth-round pick and three seventh-round picks.

It is unclear who they might be targeting with a trade down.