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NFL Lockout Resumes As Eighth Circut Issues Temporary Stay On Judge Nelson's Ruling

The NFL lockout, sadly, is back on, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter. The Eighth Circuit in St. Louis has issued a temporary stay on Judge Susan Nelson's ruling in favor of the players, holding the opinion until it will be reviewed next week. 

This means the NFL lockout was on for about eight hours. NFL teams opened their doors to players starting at 8 a.m., and it sounds like they will be closed again. The players are expected to appeal for a stay on this ruling, and that will be discussed next week. 

The Redskins were one of several teams who had players at Redskins Park on Friday. About 11 players showed up to work out, and many also came to welcome first-round draft pick Ryan Kerrigan. As of right now, though, it remains more unclear than ever when and if business will re-open. Free agency in particular is impossible to gage right now.