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2011 NFL Draft Results: Washington Redskins Trade Down With Dolphins

For the past few years, the Redskins fanbase have pleaded that their team trade down in the draft to stockpile picks.

Well, right now, Redskins fans, the team is fulfilling that wish, and then some.

The Redskins have yet again trade down in the second round, this time with the Miami Dolphins, to pick up the 79th pick (3rd round), 146th pick (5th round) and the 217th pick (7th rounder).

So, after a 2nd round in which the Redskins kept trading and trading, let's once again take a look at the Redskins remaining draft picks:

First round, No. 16: Ryan Kerrigan

Second round, No. 41: Javaris Jenkins

Third round, No. 79

Fourth round, No. 127

Fifth round, No. 144

Fifth round, No. 146

Fifth round, No. 152

Fifth round, No. 155

Sixth round, No. 177

Seventh round, No. 213

Seventh round, No. 217

Seventh round, No. 224

Seventh round, No. 253

Got that? Good.