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NFL Draft 2011: The Redskins Trade Down Twice In The Second Round, Pick Up Extra Picks

The Redskins are wheeling and dealing in the second round of the draft.

The Redskins were sitting at pick number 49 after yesterdays trade with the Jacksonville Jaguars in which the Jags sent their first and second round picks to Washington in exchange for Washingtons 10th overall pick.

But then the Redskins traded the 49th pick and went down four spots, after trading with the Indianapolis Colts. In exchange for the 49th pick, the Redskins received the 53rd pick in addition to the Colts 5th round pick. 

And just when you thought the Redskins were done trading, they kept going. They made an additional trade with the Chicago Bears and went down yet again. They traded the 53rd pick in the draft for the 62nd pick and 127th pick, which is a 4th rounder.

As it stands now, the Redskins still have a 2nd, a 4th, three 5ths, a 6th, and three 7th round picks.