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Jarvis Jenkins Selected By Redskins: Three Things To Learn About Him

The Washington Redskins have seemingly traded every single pick imaginable Friday, but they did actually use one of their picks. With the No. 41 pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, the Redskins took Jarvis Jenkins, a defensive lineman out of Clemson. Jenkins will team with Ryan Kerrigan to help fix the Redskins' 31st-ranked defense.

The above video is a highlight video of him. Below, you'll learn more things about him.

1.  His position is unclear

Is he a defensive tackle? He has similar size to Dallas' Jay Ratliff, and when it was brought up, he said he's down for it. Via the Washington Post:

"They told me they run a 3-4 defense under Mike Shanahan, and they told me I'm going to be a two-gap guy, and I can do that: two-gap or three," Jenkins said.

But then, there's this from Matt Terl:

Okay, like I thought: Redskins are projecting Jenkins as a DE.    

So what is he? WHAT IS HE?? WE MUST KNOW!!

2.  Someone had a feeling the Redskins would pick him

Here's what a scout told John Keim of the Washington Examiner earlier Friday.

"[Defensive tackle] Stephen Paea is a perfect fit for a 4-3 team, so I don't know that he's an ideal fit for what they do. Jarvis Jenkins is a better fit. He could be the nose Albert Haynesworth wasn't, if they're looking for a nose tackle he could be the next guy. Jenkins is an athletic guy. He has the combination and he has more athletic ability than Phil Taylor. He's really a good player. He got overlooked because he played with Da'Quan Bowers but they didn't always play on the same side. A lot of times he was the opposite tackle and was the true nose. He's a good player. Big, athletic; a little under the radar."

That scout knows his stuff.

3.  He's bringing the "Bernie" to D.C.

Via Capital Games.

At least practices should get more entertaining.