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NFL Draft 2011: Redskins Select WR Leonard Hankerson With 3rd Rounder

The Washington Redskins finally selected a player, and it was wide receiver Leonard Hankerson out of Miami with the 79th pick of the draft.

The Redskins were wheeling and dealing throughout the second round, but this time they decided to stand pat and start getting value for players. This time they got Hankerson, whom many draft experts pegged as a second round talent.

At Miami, Hankerson was the first receiver in school history to notch over 2000 receiving yards, and was also the first receiver to get 1000 yards receiving in a single season. Seeing as how the U has had plenty of good wideouts over the years, that is a pretty impressive stat.

It looks like the Redskins got good value, and that trading back constantly in the second round yielded not only a player with second round talent, but additional picks.

The Redskins, for now, are done for the day unless they trade back into the 3rd round.